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Provision and Technical Supply

Provision and Technical Supply

Wide ranges of frozen meats, fish, dairy, fresh and ambient stores can be dispatched to any port at short notice. Complete understanding to the diverse nature of crew’s nationalities is vital and this is why we stock goods from worldwide sources to satisfy every need. European, Scandinavian, Polish, Irish, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Pilipino, Italian and Japanese are just some of the specialties which we carry in stores at all times.

Parts and spares are shipping directly from producer or warehouse. We are giving on time delivery for your precious vessel with a flawless operation.

  • Valves, Pipes, Plates, Fittings
  • Ropes, Anchors, Chains, Hand & Power Tools, Mooring
  • Welding Equipment, Tools, Electric Equipment, Electronic Devices
  • Bridge & Radio Equipment, Anti-Piracy, Measurement Devices, Firefighting
  • IMO Signs, Nautical Publications